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Portraits in Rhythm

Welcome to this video presentation of the 50 Etudes from Portraits in Rhythm by Anthony J. Cirone. A personal interpretation for each etude is offered by the author in a master-class setting, along with his comprehensive analysis and performance.

While viewing the etudes, it is recommended to have a copy of Portraits in Rhythm or Portraits in Rhythm Complete Study Guide to follow along as Cirone discusses rhythm, phrasing, dynamics, articulations, musical directives, and tempo indications. In this way, notations for future reference can be indicated in the music.

Portraits in Rhythm Portraits in Rhythm - A Complete Study Guide

A free Introductory Video is provided that describes the interpretation process for analyzing the composerís intentions. Click here to view the Introductory Video.

** Please Note: The quality of the audio on the Video and Audio files will be greatly enhanced if the computer is connected to outside speakers or headphones.

Any of the 50 Master Class videos can be purchased for $2.49 each or the complete set of 50 etudes for $79.00.
Etude 01
Etude 02
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Etude 15
Etude 16
Etude 17
Etude 18
Etude 19
Etude 20
Etude 21
Etude 22
Etude 23
Etude 24
Etude 25
Etude 26
Etude 27
Etude 28
Etude 29
Etude 30
Etude 31
Etude 32
Etude 33
Etude 34
Etude 35
Etude 36
Etude 37
Etude 38
Etude 39
Etude 40
Etude 41
Etude 42
Etude 43
Etude 44
Etude 45
Etude 46
Etude 47
Etude 48
Etude 49
Etude 50
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Students who are preparing for a recital, final exam, or lessons are encouraged to view the etudes more than one time in order to absorb the subtle musical details contained in each analysis. These Master Classes are equivalent to taking a personal snare drum lesson from Anthony Cirone. The information presented imparts the necessary skills for creating a masterful performance.

Percussion instructors will also benefit from repeated viewings, gleaning the subtleties of phrasing, use of dynamics, articulations, and interpretation of musical directives when coaching students.

Thank you for visiting this website and for making Portraits in Rhythm
a part of your percussion education.